max mandery: abime des oiseaux / 2020 / performer
Kampnagel, Hamburg

Performance from a “bird-eye” perspective about the end of art, dedicated to the role of the artist and art critique – inspired by Mark Fischer’s critical theory on neoliberalism. ‘Capitalism kills nowadays even the production of the ideas of its overcoming’ – states the audio of the performance. Therefore the piece itself is absent: first the artist Mandery gives an interview about the reception of his already premiered play (a play that the audience has never seen), after that the audience is led to an opening ceremony (an event with champagne to celebrate the play to be premiered soon) and right after that they are led back to the foyer of the theatre where they can discuss their opinion freely (being the “play” itself).

By and with: Maximilian Mandery, Kotka Gudmon, Katharina M. Greeven, Stephanie Günther, Kattalin Newiger Director: Maximilian Mandery

© Emma Szabó

The premiere was held in the frame of the ‘Wovon wir wussten und es trotzdem taten.’ titled Performance Studies MA graduate presentations