SV Szlachta: VYRE / 2021/2020 / performer
Gewächshaus Hamburg, co-production with Lichthof Theater

In VYRE, the theatre collective SV Szlachta is dedicated to overcome being-human, via an interaction with an organic AI that connects all life. Hence, the characters in VYRE are more or less connected to the AI that is both fed by them and feeds on them. The audience enters the laboratory of SV Szlachta and gains an insight into the state of their experiments, being at the moment at an intermediate stage between human, nature and machine.

Fred, played by Kotka, is a climate conscious geologist right before uploading herself to the cloud. She believes the upload is a CO2 saving strategy, only the thought of being a consciousness without a body disturbs her strongly. Fred uses the VR visualizations and other sensory experiments of Clemens (Lorenz Vetter) to stress her body to the extreme, thus fight her fear leaving the body behind during the upload.

Camera and editing: Julian Eylandt, Animation: Lorenz Vetter

By and with: SV Szlachta (Amanda Babaei Vieira, Christopher Ramm, Lorenz Vetter, Wanja Neite) and Kotka Gudmon Concept, production and scenographie: SV Szlachta VR-Animation: Lorenz Vetter Technic: Lorenz Vetter Costume: Amanda Babaei Vieira Sounddesign: Quirin Nebas Website: Birk Jecht Press: Wanja Neite & Kotka Gudmon Poster: Quirin Nebas, Lorenz Vetter Construction: Nik Brandl Robotics: Sebastian Arndt

Photo © Lukas Eylandt
Graphic © Lorenz Vetter


„next to all the things made possible by ai talking to plants merely seems a finger exercise. here at the latest the evening turns into a fascinating, wicked piece of theater, beaming the audience from the velvet chair of a theater hall right into the action. and forcing them to reflect on what it really means to be human.“ (NDR)

„one moment you are typing algorithms and neuronal networks of californian tech companies into the keyboard – the next moment you find yourself checking the back of your head for cables.“ (TAZ)

„VYRE is putting the concept of performance in question. actors become an empty shell, laying in a coffin, rif of any real function. and the others bodies are merging with objects too.“ (FIDENA PORTAL)