hanoch levin: suitcase packers 2013 / advisor, assistant
Vígszínház (Commedy Theater), Budapest

‘The Suitcase Packers catches the essential pathos of our lives as well as their ridiculousness so that we get both laughter (lots of it), and some tears.’* ‘If death is there to remind us of our lives and their meaning, then the theater, a kind of reconstruction of life, is a reminder squared. A performance is momentary and transient, more so than the life it imitates.’**

According to the concept of the director, Enikő Eszenyi the play was realized with the use of almost no props and set. This intention was the reason of the collaboration, as Kotka already had experience with applying empty space on stage and with transforming lights into dramaturgical effects.

© Daniel Dömölky

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