couleur locale - the colours of europe in objects design exhibition 2011 / co-curator
Budapest, Designterminal

Does the design culture of different countries have unique characteristics? Can we define unequivocally typical national features in 2011, in an irretrievably globalising world? We have tried to answer these questions with the help of the design experts of some thirty countries by selecting objects manufactured during the previous three years. The answers arrived in the form of three objects per country, representing a wide range of local colours. The exhibition displayed 90 diverse products from 30 countries and was visited by more than 15 000 visitors. To show such a wide range of products, a selection with different sizes, shapes, forms, colours in a homogenic, yet innovative way, the curators decided to replace pedestals with imagined boxes - as if the objects have just been pulled out of the box, permanently put on the top of the box they arrived in and not yet displayed properly. Each item had its own “box design” highlighting the item’s main characteristics, which made the exhibition “unorthodox”, humorous and playful. Thanks to the special installation concept, so the unconventional display, a much higher amount of visitors were interested in the exhibition, those also who previously haven’t seen any exhibition or a design show yet.

Co-curator of the exhibition and co-editor of the exhibition catalogue: Rita Mária Halasi. Installation design: Márton Ágh. Graphic designer: Balázs Balogh media designer.