pina reboot: pinamovic 2016 / creator, performer
Kampnagel, Hamburg

In the frame of the project, based on the artistic vision of the choreographer Jochen Roller, each involved performer needed to combine the aesthetics of Pina Bausch with a different artist, who did not collaborate with her but in some way could be related to the art of Bausch, either for the similarities of their art or for the distance between their way of expression. Kotka chose Marina Abramovic and got further inspiration from the ninety-seven short chapters by Péter Esterházy (‘She loves me‘ / ‘Eine Frau‘ / ‘Egy nő‘) focusing on the love a woman. The 13 short „Bausch-echoing“ performances were presented in Kampnagel as a „pre-show“ to the piece ‘Viktor‘ by the Tanztheater Wuppertal.

Co-performer: Renalda Mtaki. Artistic leader: Jochen Roller.
The performance was presented in the frame of the Dance Future II. international conference.

© Clara Maria Herrmann