installations about installations 2010 / co-curator, installation co-designer
Budapest, N&n Gallery

Installations went through a long journey since their appearance in the 1960’s. As a genre, first it developed as an anti-art revolution, manifested through performances and happenings, hence motivated movements and artistic groups. Later on it merged with different branches and expressions of art, tools of technology and new media. Today it is a crucial part of architectural, interior and exhibition design practice. In case of the ‘Installations about Installations’ project, the curators researched and presented the actual trends in installation design through projections, and on the other hand, as a matching display, they created a creative laboratory kind space that served as an installation itself, in which the visitors could wander. UV sensitive liquid was filled in the tubes - causing a jungle-like effect -, combined with food experiments from the food designer Eszter Horváth; all together they formed an emblematic project about the nature of installations. Co-curator: Dóra Fónagy

© Tamás Bujnovszky

The project was delivered in collaboration with Dóra Fónagy architect, and with the founders of the SUGAR! shop and design confectionery Eszter Horváth and Gergely Lábady, also with the help of other enthusiast architects and designers as volunteers.