quantified self: reduce output (19,187 g/h) 2018 / co-creator, performer
Westwerk Gallery, Hamburg

The experimental, durational performance lasts approx. one hour and models inhalation strategies under circumstances where the aim is to reduce the used air quantity per hour, hence letting others to get more oxygen. A pump is attached to the gas mask. Kotka Gudmon gets only air, when she is pumping. In the mask a CO2 meter is installed, through which the live state of her actual CO2 emission is projected onto the wall next to her. The amount is accumulated, hence at the end of the performance the hourly emission by Kotka is visible.

The performance is part of the installation ‘Quantified self‘. Curator and co-creator: Nathalie Giele
Co-performers: Nathalie Giele, Katharina Maria Greeven, Kotka Gudmon, Marton Juhasz, Markus Posse, Miriam Tiefenbrunner, Gauvain Wiemer

© Kotka Gudmon