interactive bauhaus installation 2010 / curator
Budapest, Mai Mano, The Hungarian House of Photographers

The concept of the interactive Bauhaus photo and video installation is related to the thoughts and publications released in the 1920’s by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy. Regarding to his theory, foils set behind each other overrun the boundaries of the two-dimensional photograph. This new arrangement can be understood as a motion progress in the spectators’ mind. As visitors moved within the exhibition space, they became a part of the projected recording of the performance Negative Varieté with their own silhouettes. The visual language of the installation has a strong relationship with the minimalist and industrial vision artists admired during the 1920’s. Exhibiting artists: Balazs Balogh motion designer, Tamas Bujnovszky photographer, Bence Samu interaction designer

© Tamás Bujnovszky