SUPRPOWR 2018 / co-creator, performer
Kampnagel, Hamburg

The performance ‘SUPRPOWR‘ deals with the characteristics of power structures, as well as with the role and privilege of a collective within. The creators believe in their sweet dreams that if we, based on our humanity and solidarity support each other mutually, will gain superpower. Although they also argue a lot has already been determined once someone was born.

Co-creators: Josema Enríquez, Paula Jütting, Lionel Tomm
Co-performers: Terézia Balázs, Josema Enríquez, Kotka Gudmon, Marton Juhasz, Karola Jütting, Paula Jütting, Bruni Nowak, Mariví Solís Plano, Verena Steiner, Lionel Tomm